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In this 7 minute video, Conor breaks down the basics of what bitcoin is and how it is something designed for everyone.

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We help and support each other as we learn about bitcoin together.

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We’re here to be helpful and welcome everyone.

We’re for beginners

We especially like folks new to bitcoin, starting from zero. We got you.

We’re bitcoin-focused

We steer clear of other cryptocurrencies altogether.

We ignore the price

We share knowledge not investment advice.

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Learning bitcoin is a journey. Our volunteer experts, aka “Bitcoin Guides”, will be your friendly faces to help along the way. We’ll answer your questions and help you keep going.

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It’s hard to make bitcoin visual, but we do our best!


Just as bitcoin is designed for everyone, we make our videos for everyone too.

Understanding bitcoin as a new asset that protects against inflation.

How bitcoin can be used as a tool that empowers individual freedoms and human rights.

Taking you “under the hood” to understand the basics of what makes it work.

Helping you understand why bitcoin is good for the planet in the long term.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

What about other cryptocurrencies?

How does bitcoin relate to all the other cryptocurrencies that are popping up.

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More resources

There’s lots of really good material out there about bitcoin, but it can be hard to find.

Here are a few of our favorites, aimed at a beginner audience, in different formats.

Best podcast

The beginner's guide to bitcoin

Peter McCormack

Best book

The Little Bitcoin Book

Alex Gladstein et al

Best beginner's guide

Bitcoin Clarity

Kiara Robles

Best talk

An Introduction to Bitcoin

Andreas Antonopoulos

Best content library

Bitcoin Learning Center

River Financial

Best slide deck

A friendly introduction to bitcoin

Hello Bitcoin

Best full list of resources

Bitcoin Information & Resources

Jameson Lopp

Want to help out?

Are you a knowledgeable bitcoiner eager to educate others? Join us!

We’re always looking for new Bitcoin Guides—what we call our volunteer ambassadors—to help grow and nurture the Hello Bitcoin community. The best Guides are bitcoiners who:

  • Know bitcoin so well they can ELI5
  • Are naturally friendly, warm and welcoming
  • Are passionate about helping new folks understand bitcoin
  • Have a small amount of time to volunteer and “give back” to bitcoin

Our Guides help field questions across our social media outlets and hang out in our Discord space to chat and help new bitcoiners learn the ropes.

Does this sound like fun? Have other ideas on how to contribute?

About us

Hello Bitcoin is a volunteer-run project with the simple goal of helping people learn about bitcoin in a way that is friendly and accessible.

The project was started in 2020 by a handful of passionate bitcoiners who are committed to accelerating bitcoin adoption through education. Its lead contributors are:

Mat Balez

Mat Balez

Project Lead

Founder, Hello Bitcoin

Caralie Chrisco

Caralie Chrisco

Content Lead

People Operations Manager, Chaincode Labs

Conor Okus

Conor Okus

User Experience Lead

Product Manager, Spiral

Haley Berkoe

Haley Berkoe

Community Lead

Program Manager, Spiral


Bitcoin is for everyone.

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